LiLo suing Pitbull over hit song "Give Me Everything"

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t let anyone drag her name through the mud except Lindsay Lohan!  This became apparent when LiLo filed a lawsuit against E*TRADE for a commerical they ran during the Super Bowl.  In the commercial, a baby refers to the other baby’s girlfriend as “that milkaholic Lindsay”.  Of course Lohan and her lawyer argue that the name “Lindsay” identifies Lindsay Lohan much like “Oprah” or “Madonna” would.


Well LiLo is back and this time she is going after Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Afrojack for using her name in their hit song “Give Me Everything”.  The line of the song in question is “Hustlers move aside, so I’m tiptoein’, to keep flowin’ / I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan”. 

According to the suit, “By virtue of [the song’s] wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about [Lohan] are destined to do irreparable harm”.  That isn’t the best part of the suit though, it gets better.  The lawsuit also describes LiLo as “a professional actor of good repute and standing in the Screen Actors Guild”.  She will be suing under the New York civil rights laws that protect persons from having their name exploited for commercial benefit.

This is such a small part of the song, I really don’t think there was any exploitation for benefit.  They could have used any line there and it wouldn’t have changed the song or its message.

The suit that was filed Friday seeks unspecified damages as well as an injunction to stop the broadcast and reproductions of the song.

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