Leonardo DiCaprio has quite the decision to make


Oh to be Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo has been dating super model Bar Rafaeli for quite sometime, but according to the New York Post, he was seen getting close with Blake Lively at Jeremy Renner’s birthday party this past weekend. Of course reps for the two say they are just friends, but I wonder how much time old Leo would have spent around Blake if Bar were around?

Obviously I don’t give a flying shit what Leonardo does or who the hell he dates. What I do care about is the opinion of my readers. Therefore I pose the question to you:

Blake or Bar?

For me it is an absolute toss up. There are some pictures of Bar that induce an immediate boner but Blake has her share of missle twisting pictures as well. I cannot decide. Have a look at the picture gallery below, see if you can make a decision…


[New York Post]

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