Kanye West Lectured College Students As Part of Community Service

Kanye West stopped by Los Angeles Trade Technical College over the weekend to lecture about 40 students in the digital communications department. Also there were some troubled youths that were participating in a summer endeavor to encourage education.

This was part of West’s 250-hour community service sentence from his altercation with a photographer. He was charged with misdemeanor battery after going after the photog outside LAX last year.

West talked about the importance of schooling and the struggles he has faced since becoming an icon in the music and fashion industry.

This coming from the man who has an album entitled College Dropout.

The students had no idea West was going to be there, either.

“We didn’t know (West would be giving the lecture). None of the students were notified of his presence before hand… It went on for about an hour and a half and Kanye discussed a lot of things but mainly about his inspirations…. He also discussed Steve jobs, 2Pac and his grandfather… I’ve listened to Kanye since I was younger but I can’t rate him as a teacher because he didn’t come to teach a fashion class, he just spoke about his inspirations. He didn’t try to be a teacher, he simply spoke about how life really is… He didn’t want to talk to anybody personally or take personal photos with anybody.”

This was the fourth time West visited LATTTC.


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