Kanye West Can’t Take Joke From Jimmy Kimmel, Goes Kanye West on Him

Jimmy Kimmel was just doing what he always does, right? Earlier this week, he was doing a monologue, which no one is safe from, and he began to poke fun of Kanye West and his recent interview with the BBC.  Most people would ignore it or laugh it off but if there is one thing we know for sure, it is that Kanye West doesn’t have a sense of humor.

So last night Kanye West went ape shit on Twitter.  Calling out Jimmy Kimmel for not getting any “good p**sy” and mentioning the fact that he went to Kimmel’s family’s wedding (which Jimmy later pointed out was actually a friends wedding, which just added fuel to the fire).  Perhaps the best part of this whole beef is Jimmy Kimmel’s response to Kanye telling him “put yourself in my shoes, oh no that means you would have gotten too much good p**sy in your life” and Kimmel’s response was “I know, I’ve seen the tape”.

That is gold.


Personally I think Kanye West takes himself too seriously and needs to relax. His temper tantrums are getting old.  He hates white people (except Kim), he hates photographers, he hates being famous, he hates the media.

More like Kanye Waaaaaaaahest. Amiright?

Original skit below.


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