Justin Timberlake Wins Best Artist at Billboard Music Awards, Thanks Everyone but Donald Sterling

Justin Timberlake is so hot right now. Never was it more apparent than last night when he won seven awards at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. True, these awards are like a Hallmark Holiday where they only exist to make money, but we watch them nonetheless and act like their awards carry weight.

But I digress.

Once in a while, these awards shows will surprise us with some good clips. For example, Hologram Michael Jackson was on hand. Not as cool — or as gangsta — as Hologram Tupac, but still pretty great to see. Another fun part of the evening was when Justin Timberlake accepted his award for Best Artist. He had to do it remotely because he is on tour, but still made it one of the best acceptance speeches of the night.

“Wow, what an honor to be the top artist! Unbelievable! All the other finalist..Miley, Imagine Dragons, Bruno, Katy I love you guys! It’s not a competition, but if it was, I won! Haha! And guess what?! I’m ok with that! I think I’m ok with that! You guys enjoy the rest of the show. I wanna thank everybody on Earth, everybody on Earth. Except…except Donald Sterling.”


Also, as Extra Mustard pointed out, Justin Timberlake is a part owner of the Memphis Grizzlies. So technically, this could be considered yet another NBA owner speaking out publicly against Donald Sterling. Might be a stretch, but I’ll take it.

[Extra Mustard]
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