Justin Bieber Had Fun at His Own Expense on Saturday Night Live

I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber.  At all.  I think he is a below average singer, at best.  With that said, I thought some of his sketches on Saturday Night Live were awesome.  That could be because they were making fun of the pop singer.  There were two different sketches that stood out during the broadcast.  In the first one, Justin Bieber Decoys, he is made fun of for his high voice, dancing and the way he acts in certain situations.  They have a group of Justin Bieber “look-a-likes” that will be used as his body doubles.  The group included older men, women and a couple others that were missing a key feature to be Justin Bieber…

Justin: Some of them are black. They aren’t fooling anybody.

Sudeikis: Yeah, well neither are you, homie.


In the other sketch, Bieber is on the “Miley Cyrus Show” playing Miley’s (Vanessa Bayer) number 1 fan and president of her fan club.  During the sketch, the super fan claims that Miley is light years better than that “douche Justin Bieber”.  When Miley tells him that Justin is her buddy, he responds by claiming that Bieber looks like a lesbian.  The climax of the sketch is when he addressed the allegations of him smoking pot.

I also heard, he got busted smoking weed and he’s really sorry about it and people make mistakes and he’s never gonna do it again.


Still not a fan of Bieber, but a new level of respect for him since he can use himself as a punching bag for entertainments sake. It should also be noted that Jason Sudeikis was also great in the second sketch as Billy Ray Cyrus.  I doubt he is on Saturday Night Live much longer.

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