UPDATE WITH MUGSHOT: Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami for Drag Racing and DUI

This is going to be a fantastic year for Justin Bieber. I can feel it in my bones. First he had the egg throwing incident that got his house raided and his BFF Lil’ Za arrested for drug possession. Now he is in the slamma’ like M.C. Hamma’ for drag racing a yellow Lambo while intoxicated.

Alledgedly, the traffic stop was for the high rate of speed the singer was traveling and once he was stopped, he failed a field sobriety test. Also, it wasn’t clear which one hit wonder rapper with the forename “Lil” was with him/on his lap.

And because it’s 2014 and everyone is on social media, of course the Miami Beach Police Tweeted about the arrest this morning.

Justin Bieber better slow his role. If he wants to be considered a great artist and remembered, he’ll have to die at 27 like the rest of them. He’s only 19 and at the rate he is going now, he’ll be dead before his drivers license needs renewed.


10:00AM – According to ABC NEWS “Police say Bieber acknowledged he had consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana, and taken prescription meds before arrest”

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