Jon Stewart Reacts to CNN’s ‘Exclusive’ Reporting of Arrest of Suspect in Boston Marathon Bombing: ‘It’s Completely F*cking Wrong’

Jon Stewart is know for roasting the mainstream media when they step out of line.  Last night was no exception.  After an emotional rollercoaster of a day at the hands of CNN, he really let the 24-hour news network feel his wrath.

During the day yesterday, CNN had reported that a suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombings had been arrested and was on his way to court.  Immediately, the news spread through the social media world at light speed.  It was about an hour after they “broke” this “exclusive” news report that we found out it was inaccurate and that law enforcement had not made any arrest.

It made a lot of people look stupid and ill informed, but none worse than CNN and Jon Stewart made sure they paid.  He essentially told CNN what all of America was thinking after he played clips of Wolf Blitzer repeatedly calling CNN’s coverage “exclusive”.

“It’s exclusive because it was completely f*cking wrong!” and also referring to CNN as “the Human Centipede of news”.

Afterwards, The Daily Show did their own spoof of CNN’s crack reporting…

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