Join the Thunder Treats Bracket Challenge if You Like Free Stuff

It’s that time of year again!  That time of year where we take a step back and enjoy the majestic beauty that are the women in Hollywood over the age of 40.  Cougar Madness is a special time on this site and it should not go over looked.  Another special time, I guess, is March Madness.  And as always, with March Madness there comes the mass amounts of bracket challenges to join.

So why not join one more?

The Thunder Treats Bracket Challenge is completely free and has three great prizes to hand out!  First place this year will receive a Visa Gift Card for $50!  Second place will receive a Thunder Treats T-Shirt of their choice.  Third place might have the best prize of all…a high five from me, DiLo.  It will be either virtual or in person depending on your geographical location!

Join the group here and tell your friends.  Also, make you bracket name something funny and cool.  Don’t be lame.

Good luck!

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