Jimmy Fallon Got Whooped by Lindsay Lohan in Water War

Lindsay Lohan was one of the guests last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I fell asleep before she came on, but I’m assuming she was there to talk about her upcoming documentary/reality/need a paycheck show that is debuting on OWN this Sunday.

During the monologue, Fallon said that Lindsay Lohan wanted to play Water War with him. For those of you who didn’t watch Fallon when he was on the Late Show, Water War is basically the simple card game War but the loser of each hand gets water thrown in their face.

It sounds simple but it is always a good source of humor. And maybe I’m biased because of the crush I have had on Lindsay Lohan (yeah I said it) since 2004ish, but this is one of the best Water War games yet.


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