Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno Sing ‘Tonight’ Duet to Address Late-Night Woes

It’s no secret lately that NBC is thinking about replacing Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon.  With that in mind, the two late night hosts decided to have a little fun by making light of the situation.  The video begins with Leno going off air after his show.  He is being hounded by the crew about leaving The Tonight Show and speculation that Jimmy Fallon will be taken over.  He finally escapes them by ducking into his dressing room.

Then we see Jimmy Fallon in his dressing room.  He has all the news reports of the switch NBC is going to make.  He is anxious and staring at himself in the mirror when he gets a phone call from “Host of Tonight Show”.

Fallon: Hey Jay.

Leno: Hey kid, how ya holdin’ up?

Fallon: Okay, I guess. You?

Leno: Yeah, I’ll live.  I’ve been through this before, ya know?  I gotta admit I’m getting a little sick of all this.

Fallon: Jay, can I ask you something? We’re still friends right?

Leno: Yea, of course.  Of course we’re still friends.

Fallon: That’s good.

The two then continue to serenade the audience with their original song set to the music of “Tonight” from West Side Story.  It’s definitely worth a watch.  We’ll see if Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno remain friends…just like Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien.



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