Two Modern Family Actors Got Drunk, Crashed A Frat House & Interrupted Students Mid-Sex

On-screen husband and husband Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet were visiting Kansas State University, doing something of a Q&A with students. Afterwards, the two decided to bar hop around town since K-State is Eric Stonestreet’s alma mater.

One thing led to another and the two decided it was a great idea to go see Stonestreet’s old fraternity house…at 2:30 in the morning. Once there, they just had to knock and go inside. They then made the decision to go see Stonestreet’s old room. Without knocking they just opened the door and interrupted the new tenant and his lady friend while they were doing weird stuff under the covers.

The two weren’t mad at all and actually asked to get pictures with the celebs.

How do you think those two go about telling their parents about the night they met Ferguson and Stonestreet?



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