Jennifer Lopez Smoking Hot As Teacher Who Seduces Teen in ‘The Boy Next Door’ Trailer

Jennifer Lopez is heading back to the big screen in the upcoming thriller “The Boy Next Door”. In the movie, she plays a high school teacher who has a one night stand with the — you guessed it — boy that moves in next door.

Instead of a relationship developing between the two, Lopez soon learns that this boy is actually a deranged stalker that she can’t shake.


I’ll be honest, the movie looks like it belongs on Lifetime Movie Network. But if there are two things I know in life it’s that MILFs rule and Jennifer Lopez still has it and never lost it. She’s 45!

“The Boy Next Door” is set for release in January 2015 and it looks as though it will have enough sexual innuendos and brief nudity to keep your attention for two or so hours.

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