How Do Men and Women Use The Internet Differently?

Whilst the democratic nature of the internet was meant to have given us all a level playing field, it’s become apparent that even in 2016 there are still some surprising differences in the way that we interact with the online domain.

Whether it’s posting selfies on social media or in our online gaming tendencies, it appears that there is still a gender divide that highlights just how different men and women can be.

A United Nations report in 2013 revealed that around 200 million more men use the internet than women globally. And what’s surprising is that this discrepancy is noticeable across a range of nations and cultures.

Whilst the statistics showing that men are more likely than women to use eCommerce in Arab nations might not raise many eyebrows, the fact that in the so-called ‘developed world’ only 74% of women use the internet compared to 80% of men reveals something alarming about web culture.

Perhaps it’s the ugly culture of cyberbullying that has caused men to dominate many areas of the internet. But whilst ‘Gamergate’ showed how hostile males can be to female gamers, thankfully some online gaming sites like Red Flush Casino have helped facilitate a more gender-neutral gaming environment that encourages everyone to play their games of roulette, slots, blackjack and video poker.

But it seems that women are also starting to make social media something of a safe haven from the more male-centric areas of the internet. Sites as far-ranging as Pinterest and Instagram reveal a culture that is more inclusive, and even the way that we edit our photos can reveal how differently genders wish to be portrayed in the online domain.

Interestingly recent reports have shown how women are more likely to use mobile banking than men, which illustrates how things like finance has become more liberated to both genders thanks to the digital revolution.

So whether you’re checking your bank account transactions, or even deciding whether to claim your Red Flush welcome casino bonus to access their multi-player tournaments and hunt down their latest promotions, it seems that it’s financial transactions that seem to be harmonising the discrepancies between men and women.

But whilst there are impressive moves towards web equality, a quick look at this report at how different genders watch different videos on YouTube shows that there are still some sizable differences to overcome!

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