How did Gambling Work in Ancient Times 

Gambling was traced some 40000 years ago to cave drawings. It has always been a popular pastime. From ancient Greece, China, Egypt, and Rome, gambling was a part of these civilizations and regulated by laws. Most current games originate from either Ancient Greece or China and the games played by the Greeks were refined by the Romans. The civilization of Minoa from ancient Greece have also seemingly invented a game that eventually became poker. 

From gambling on weather in pre-historic Africa to betting sites with a casino in Kenya, find out what led to modern gambling culture.

China and Cards

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it is the inventor of card games. The Chinese invented paper which led to the invention of paper money which led to the practice of shuffling money which later became shuffling of cards.

Keno is a card game from China and it is the predecessor of the lottery too. At some point, Chinese created cards with human forms on them and this transferred to Europe where they added Kings and Queens. 

Ancient Greece

Gambling was prohibited and loved in ancient Greece. The philosophers characterized it as immoral and shameful but people loved to play. The gambling usually occurred in specific places and it had two Gods associated with it, called Hermes and Pan.

Greeks loved dices and similar games of chance such as checkers and heads and tails. Not only this but the pottery printings point to a fact that Greeks loved betting on animal fights too. 

Native Americans

Nowadays, the Native Americans have their tribal casinos where gambling is permitted and many believe that gambling came from Europe but a cave in Utah points to the existence of an ancient casino from the 13th century. The cave features 10k gambling-related objects such as sticks that were thrown and people guessed which way they are going to land. 

What is specific about Native Americans and gambling is that research points out that it was women who gambled and not only the men. It’s assumed that women used gambling in task assignments and everyday activities. 

Ancient Rome

In Rome, gambling was prohibited but everyone gambled, including the emperors. Augustus, for whom the month August carries the name, was an addicted gambler. Ancient Rome featured dice and board games as well as Gladiator fights. In Rome, everyone from slaves to emperors loved to gamble. 

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