HBO finally drops a legit trailer for the last season of Entourage

The first trailer for the upcoming final season of HBO’s Entourage was a let down to say the least.  Now inside of 3 weeks before the premier, we have something to sink our teeth into.  This 1:32 got me more than ready for the new season, however I was a little bummed to see that there were only 8 episodes in this season.  Other notable things from the trailer include, but aren’t limited to:

– Vince writes a script

– Sloan (shwing) mails Eric her engagement ring…cold.
– Vince headed to rehab for his coke problem and it seems they try an intervention
– Johnny’s “Johnny Bananas” cartoon is a hit, but there might be tension with a co-star
– Ari and Mrs. Ari are going through a separation
– Agent Scott Lavin (Scott Caan) is back..nothing significant in the trailer, but awesome nonetheless.
– Billy Walsh is back and my guess is he will be taking the reigns on the script Vince wrote.

There was some other stuff too, like when Turtle and Vince come running through the door but are stopped right away with terrified looks on their faces.  My guess is they crossed someone and they just found Arnold’s head in the bed.  I am pumped for the upcoming season but beyond bummed about the 8 episodes.  It makes me wonder if they may have over extended themselves with an 8th season.

All we can do is wait.

[youtube id=gu6_eIlbZu4 ]

Shout out to The Good New Days for the heads up on the new trailer.

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