Trailer released for 'A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas'

haroldandkumar“I shot Santa Claus in the face.  Santa Claus is real and I shot him in the face.”

Let me start by saying that I find stupid humor movies to be some of my favorites by far and the Harold and Kumar franchise is no exception to that rule.  In the latest installment, Harold and Kumar have been estranged from each other for the last 6 years after escaping Guantanemo Bay.  They both are living different lives with new friends and different families when Kumar, Kal Penn, comes to Harold’s house for the holidays.

The two end up burning down Harold’s fathers Christmas tree and are forced to hit the streets of New York City to find him another.  As you can imagine, hilarity ensues.  It looks as though Neil Patrick Harris will turn in another drug twist, sex addicted role as he portrays himself in the film.  Another cast member that we can count on is the love interest, Maria.  Two fun facts about Paula Garces..she was a Hump Day Hottie here at Thunder Treats and grew up in Medellin, Columbia.  Shwing.

According to the trailer below, the film will be offered up in 3D and is currently set for release on November 4th.

[youtube id=ngIMH6J43UI ]

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