GoDaddy, Old Milwaukee Gave A Lot of PDA in Their Commercials and Not in a Cool Way

superbowlmakeoutSome commercials during the Super Bowl were good.  Others sucked a fat one.  And then there are the commercials that left people with a look on their face like they just ate a War Head.  The and Old Milwaukee commercials fall into that last category.  Both are based around two people, opposites if you will, that are making out.  In the commercial we have the perennial smoke face Bar Refaeli smooching (I use that term very loosely) with Walter, aka Jesse Heiman, the greatest extra in history.

Great.  Score one for the nerd community.  I will admit that when I heard the idea of Bar and Walter having a make out sesh I thought it would be equally hilarious and awesome.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of tongue, sound effects and zoom the commercial would burn into my retinas.  The sound alone is enough to make me cringe.  I made the comment last night on Twitter that perhaps they should use that sound in leiu of water boarding people and that statement is even more accurate after seeing the uncensored version of the kiss.  Warning: More tongue.  Yes, it’s possible.


Now because I live in Ohio and not Oklahoma, Texas or Montana I did not see the next mouth raping commercial.  This time it is from Old Milwaukee Beer and Will Ferrell.  Does that sound like an odd combination?  It shouldn’t, because Will Ferrell has been doing Old Milwaukee ads for years.  See them here, including one from Sweden.

In the new spot Will Ferrell has no lines and in fact, the whole commercial has no lines.  All of the sudden the older Asian lady turns to Ferrell, who has to be growing his Ron Burgundy hair and mustache combo, and just starts and all out make out session.  Now, due to the cameras panning out instead of in and Ferrell’s mustache covering a majority of the lip action, we aren’t shown as much graphic detail as the commercial.  However, this is still a head scratcher as there is nothing said and all that is shown is a six pack of Old Milwaukee in a bag.


The Old Milwaukee ad doesn’t nearly upset my stomach as much as the  I wish would have abruptly stopped their ad before the close up and told us to “See more at” like they have every other year.

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