Free Spins and How To Get More Of Them

Online slots are not without reason favorite with millions of gamblers. After all, the game on the machines is exciting and unpredictable. You can break the jackpot at any time after each spin of the reels. Experienced players know that the highest probability of a big win is hidden in the game during the bonus round. The most common bonus in slot machines is free spins. We will talk about them today. How to get free spins and how to use them? Everyone who decides to test his luck on the gambling site needs to know this.

Free spin is a rotation of reels, for which you do not have to pay, but which can bring you a lot of money. Moreover, in most machines, bonus rounds include the whole series of free spins – 10, 20 or more rotations. To start a bonus round, you need a unique combination of special characters (scatters). Free spin coolly makes the game more comfortable, but not everyone can be lucky to get such a combination. Many gamblers spend a lot of time spinning reels in anticipation of a bonus round, but they never wait for it. But there is another opportunity to try your luck on free spins: some institutions are guaranteed to give their players free spins. Bonus policy of means such pleasant encouragement of the site’s customers.

How to get free spins?

Almost all high-quality online casino provides free spin as bonuses. Therefore, first of all, you need to sign up on one of them. You can see the bonus programs of a slot in a special section on the casino site. Usually registered players receive notifications to their e-mail at the start of new promotions, bonuses, and free spins.

The most trustworthy online casinos can provide free spins in lots: on different game slots, for every deposit. Therefore, to get a free spin, you need to comply with and follow the terms of the promotion. Often, the conditions stipulate the amount and time of the deposit, as well as the amount of wagering. During the deposit, the player can choose the favorite bonus in a particular window on the casino site. It is possible to get free spins without depositing your account.

Many online casinos give free spins as a welcome bonus when signing up. However, you can get such bonuses only once. However, free spins are no different from other casino bonuses: they also need to be wagered. For example, you managed to win a certain amount during free spins. To withdraw this amount, you will have to make several bets on the amount stipulated regarding the promotion. This practice is standard in all casino bonus programs.

After registering on the site of the casino, it is worth to get acquainted with bonus and promotional offers for newcomers of the club.

Free spins deposits can be obtained by making a fixed deposit. Usually, the conditions for wagering for this type of free spins are quite strict.

Popular no-deposit free-spins in the casino can be obtained without a penny of investment. They are often provided to all new customers. The rules of the gambling club prescribe terms for wagering.

Often, to withdraw money won after a free spin, you need to make some minimum deposit. In some loyal online casinos, most often running on the NetEnt platform, there is only a full registration required for this withdrawal.

How can I get more free spins?

Acquisition of free spins is not only encouragement for beginners. Often gambling establishments hold special promotions, offering a certain amount of free spins on some slot machines. That used when new slots are promoting. Also, casinos use that move to return the activity of the player who hasn’t log in for a long time.

In order not to miss the profitable proposals for free spins, you need to monitor the promotions in different gambling establishments. You can also subscribe to newsletters, which always contain information that is of interest to players.

Why are free spins the best online casino bonuses?

Free spins are the most attractive bonus for players. Often, free spins are given for deposit of a certain amount. The casino can also return a certain percentage of this amount to the player’s account, but getting free spins is much more helpful. After all, they can lead to a much higher prize, as well as give the opportunity to try to play on other slots, making the game more vivid and diverse. Free spins are provided for both popular slots, and to new gaming machines that are just launched in the gambling site to attract the attention of players.


Free spins are often used today as bait for new users in a particular casino. They give newcomers a great chance to try to play slot machines for free. At the same time, some tricksters manage to win with the help of free spins quite real amounts even without making a single deposit.

Different online gambling houses give different rules for obtaining free spin. In most cases, these rules sooner or later “force” the player to deposit some amount to the account if he intends to win decent money.

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