Five Things You Should Always Take On a Beach Vacation

We have all done it. Went on a vacation, just to find out that we don’t have something, and had to pay top dollar for a beach towel or an accessory that we need. Some items we forgot were small, and they could have fitted in the suitcase easily. Others were essential to stay comfortable and safe. If you are planning a beach vacation this year, you might want to make sure you make the most out of your time and don’t leave important items behind.

Scuba Diving Kit

When staying at a stunning beach, you might get fed up with sitting by the pool all day, or getting a tan on the sand. In case you need a break from the usual activities, you can go sailing or diving. Chances are that you will find plenty of diving schools offering a few hours of experience, or a full day program. If you don’t take your kit with you, this day out can be more expensive. Your scuba diving equipment is not too big to fit in your luggage, and can save you a lot of money.

Comfortable Shoes

For walking on the beach, going horseback riding, or simply exploring the shops, you will need to pack some comfortable shoes. While the new beach sandals might be OK while you are staying in the hotel, you will need to slip into something more comfortable when you are out and about. If you want to stay stylish and would rather not say goodbye to your heels, you will need to get some sports insoles to cushion your feet, and protect your lower back while walking and trekking.  

Insurance Documents

You might think that accessing your insurance details is simple anywhere in the world. However, if you need medical attention in the middle of the countryside, or on the beach, there will be no internet, so you will have to present the proof of insurance to get treated. Keep a copy of your documents in your purse, ready to be presented whenever you need medical treatment.

Floral Dress

You absolutely cannot leave for a beach vacation without that floral dress you can wear at night at the bar, and in the day when enjoying the sunshine. Get a loose fitting romantic dress you can simply slip on after getting out of the sea, and you will be ready to walk into a restaurant, without having to go back to change. A summer dress or a skirt you can put on top of your swimsuit will make you presentable in town when you had enough of the beach.

Several Scarves

Instead of packing dozens of outfits for your vacation, you can combine your items using a scarf, and change your appearance easily. A scarf can be used as a body wrap over your bikinis, or cover your head to protect you from the heat of the sun. It can be thrown over your shoulders when it gets cold at night, too.

Pack these essential items for your next vacation, and you will never feel uncomfortable or unprepared again.

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