Evening Entertainment Ideas to Keep You Occupied This Autumn!

Long, light summer evenings are a thing of beauty. Just sitting out in the garden until late, even after the sun has gone down is enjoyable- you can go on evening dog walks, enjoy outdoor movie screenings and so much more. But as we come into September, the long evenings are drawing to a close. Soon enough, the cool crisp weather will be upon us again, meaning there’s less opportunity to spend time outdoors- so we need to find other ways to occupy ourselves. If you’re looking for things to do in the evening that will keep you entertained, all while staying warm indoors then here are a few ideas!

Enjoy some comedy

Comedy clubs can be a whole lot of fun, you get to hear a number of mini shows from lots of different comedians while enjoying some drinks. If you’re feeling brave you could sit near the front and let them heckle you as part of their show! If you have a particular comedian you like, another option would be to go to one of their shows; for example Trevor Noah is heading to Borgata this fall with the Loud & Clear Tour. Do a bit of research into the comedians you enjoy, see where they’re playing and find out if you can book tickets. 

Visit the theater

Fancy getting a little glammed up? A trip to the theater is a fun evening out, and makes a great date night or as a group friends evening. It could be something super swanky such as the ballet or opera, it could be a West End show or it could be a showing in a local theater depending on your budget and preferences. Theater performances are lively and captivating, and it can make a really fantastic special occasion. If you’re not a regular theater goer, definitely give it a try, chances are you’ll be surprised at just how much fun they are. Other show ideas are things like circuses, these are ideal if you want a family friendly activity that lots of different age groups will enjoy. 

Go to the cinema

If you want to see a show but feel like something a bit more low key then the cinema is always a good, easy option. There are often two for one ticket offers that you can find online which brings down the price, and with new movies coming out all the time you’re bound to find something you like. With Halloween approaching there are some incredible scary films set to be released, so keep an eye out and book yourself a seat when you see one you like the look of. 

Throw a dinner party

Throwing dinner parties are one of those little joys when it comes to adulthood. There’s nothing nicer than inviting friends around to your place, and wowing them with your cooking and wine pairings! You could keep it simple and go with a help yourself ‘family style’ meal like fajitas, or go fancy and cook steaks to order and provide your guests with three incredible courses. If you’re a bit of a foodie then chances are you’ll want to go all out, but even if you want to keep it casual it’s a wonderful civilized way to spend time with loved ones. Pinterest has tons of ideas for all kinds of cooking skill levels. You don’t have to make it complex for it to be tasty, although it is worth planning your flavors so that all courses go together well. If you pick a certain cuisine and stick with those flavors throughout then that’s an easy way to make it work. For example, you could go with an Indian theme and use flavors like cumin, coriander and chili throughout both the starter and the main. 

Go to a restaurant

If you want to enjoy a tasty dinner with your nearest and dearest but don’t feel like cooking then how about booking in for a meal at a restaurant? You could go with a tried and tested favorite, or you could try out something new that you’ve had your eye on. If you’re going as a bigger group you could discuss where most people want to go, or you could each write down a preference and pull suggestions out of a hat. If you are dining with a bigger group, be sure to call the restaurant ahead as some like a little extra warning with larger parties. 

Try your luck at winning some money

Casinos can be an exciting evening out, even if you’re not much of a gambler you could set aside a small budget to play with and see how you get on. Even if you don’t win, you have the atmosphere, glamour and a few drinks to enjoy with friends. You could all even set a budget and make a pact that you’ll each spend a certain amount and if anyone wins, you’ll all split it. This can make it extra exciting! If the casino isn’t for you, how about some games of bingo? No longer is this considered a game for old ladies, it’s well and truly been picked up again by the younger generation and makes for a great night out if you want to do something a little different. 

Paint the town red

You might feel like your nightclubbing days are behind you, but a good night out every now and again can be fantastic for making memories and having a laugh. If you’re no longer in your teens, search for over twenty fives, over thirties or even over 40s nights which some clubs occasionally hold. Get on the dance floor and bust some moves, drink some shots and revisit your youth. It might not be something you plan on doing every weekend like you once did, but it’s something to consider once in a blue moon if you want to let your hair down. 

Join an evening class

Want to meet like minded people while learning a new skill? Chances are there will be evening classes and courses on for all kinds of things nearby if you look online. Maybe you want to learn to cook or paint, perhaps you want to learn cross stitch or floristry. Many of these courses will be held during the evening outside of regular working hours. Best of all it’s something you can do over a number of weeks, perfect for keeping you occupied when the weather is bad but you don’t want to be stuck in the house. 

What sort of things do you like doing during the evenings when it’s cold outside? 

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