Drake Nails Katt Williams, Lil Wayne & A-Rod Impressions on Saturday Night Live

Keep in mind while reading this that I am one of the biggest haters of Drake you will find. If you listen to the podcast, you know I spit hate for Drake whenever I get the chance. I think he is a poser, wannabe, Canadian child star rapper who wouldn’t know anything about the bottom and how to start from it.

However, I also like to think that I am able to be unbiased and give credit where credit is due. And Drake is no exception to that rule. He was awesome on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.  I know, it confused me too. I was sitting there, laughing and enjoying the show, yet somehow having an epic battle in my brain because this guy was supposed to be the bain of my existence.

From the start, Drake and the crew had us sucked in by a non-traditional monologue.


His impression might have been the main reason his double duty host/musical guest appearance was so well received.  First, we got to see him as Alex Rodriguez on Piers Morgan Live where he explained that the incriminating text messages between him and Anthony Bosch were actually caused by auto correct.

Probably my favorite part of the show was when Drake was on Nancy Grace as Katt Williams. Dressed in Katt’s ensemble from his classic stand up “Pimp Chronicles”, Drake nailed all the mannerism Katt has become known for.

And the VH1 Before They Were Stars sketch did not disappoint either. From Kenan Thompson doing a great impersonation of Sway to Drake doing his best Lil Wayne and an actually decent Jay-Z, this was one of the better sketches of the night. I would have liked to see Jay Pharoah do his Jay-Z, but his 2-Chainz was funny as well.



It pains me to say it, but Drake crushed his Saturday Night Live hosting gig. He’s right up there with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.  Obviously the latter are superior, but Drake is on his way.

Not bad for a hater, huh?

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