Crookit releases 'Out of the Blue' and 'Create and Destroy'

OutoftheBlueCoverFrom the first time I put Crookit’s “Out of the Blue” album in my CD player, my head was bobbing and I was into the music.  There wasn’t an off track that accompanies so many of today’s albums.  The way Phi and Jimmy Deuce compliment each others skills is one of the reasons they will make it to the top.

One of my favorite tracks from “Out of the Blue” would have to be We All Fall Down.  If you do not know these two artists then listening to this song will be your introduction.  Both Phi and Jimmy Deuce are unfiltered and aggressive while giving you a glimpse into their lives and how they got to where they are now.

Down, the first single off this album, is also another instant favorite.  Call it homerism if you want to but this song will be stuck in your head and you will be catching yourself humming it later.  The video to go along with it is masterfully done.  It isn’t some kind of PowerPoint presentation that is often seen with up and coming artists, but a real production that looks to have taken a lot of time.  Also, check for the cameo of Youngstown’s own Kelly Pavlick in the Down video.

[youtube id=3CKuyhTUNK8 ]

If it wasn’t enough for you to just get the 14 track “Out of the Blue” you will also get Crookit’s mix tape “Create and Destroy”.  This is another pleasantry for your ears.  Phi and Jimmy Deuce bring their same skills over to a mix tape with some harder beats and flows.  The first track that sticks out in my mind in Jimmy Deuce’s diss on local rapper Throwback called F.J.K.  His flow in this track is just smooth, plain and simple.  He drops a flow that will have you listen to this track multiple times in a row.  Another thing that should definitely be noted is the artwork on Create and Destroy which was done by Phi.  Below is a time lapse video him doing the painting.

[youtube id=YgKAEM7I_xU ]

Jimmy Deuce and Phi told me to give their music a listen and write what ever I felt.  This is exactly what I have done.  They also told me that for the last two years they have put every single thing they have had into these albums and it shows on every single track.  They are selling these discs for $5 for BOTH.  Talk about the deal of the century.  If you are a fan of music then I suggest you give Crookit a listen, you won’t be disappointed.  If you would like, you can visit iTunes to get  your copy of “Out of the Blue”.  You can also hit the guys up on Facebook and let them know you want your copies.


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