Charlie Sheen did not enter rehab

wildthingAccording to, Charlie Sheen never entered rehab.  In fact, he never left his house at all.  A source close to Sheen told Chuck didn’t seem to think he had a problem.

 “Charlie was supposed to go to a rehab facility but he absolutely refused to go,” one pal, who has intimate knowledge of the situation, told “He is at home now and those close to him are trying to get him to enter a facility, but he doesn’t think he has a problem.”

Now they are saying that bringing psychiatrists into the home might be an option.  Although this would probably allow him to get back to work sooner, it really doesn’t seem like the best option.  If anyone has ever needed rehab ever, it would be Chuck.  But if the past is any indicator, Sheen won’t be doing anything he does not want to do, rehab not withheld.

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