Cameron Diaz ‘Sex Tape’ Trailer Looks Worse Than ‘Bad Teacher’

So, let me get this straight. We are supposed to sit here and believe Cameron Diaz and her husband(?) gave out iPads to people as gifts for Christmas? I guess that isn’t a far stretch until said people includes their boss and their mailman. It’s like they nailed the overall premise of the movie and then half way through shooting it, needed to come up with a plan on how exactly the sex tape was going to be accidentally sent to friends.

Sure, Cameron Diaz is rocking a see through shirt in this NSFW Red Band trailer, but if we know anything it’s that Cameron Diaz is excruciatingly painful to watch in a comedic role, a term I use very loosely. I will point you to ‘Bad Teacher’ as all the proof I need in my argument. Even Jason Segal’s small role, which was the best of the entire movie, could not save that absolute piece of shit.


I have no desire to see this movie because I have a feeling that we just saw the funniest parts. Also, the only good parts of that trailer were Diaz’s boobs, Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ and Rob Corddry.

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