Brian Williams Addresses His Rapping Videos on The Tonight Show, Requests ‘Luda’

Brian Williams was on The Tonight Show last night and sarcastically addressed the problem he is having with Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show crew putting together clips of his newscasts as rap songs. In February, Fallon nearly broke the internet when he showed Brian Williams rapping “Rapper’s Delight” and last night he debuted the newest video with the news anchor rapping Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice”.

Williams had a good time with Fallon, telling him that “Every night, I’m downstairs doing the broadcast that pays for your hobby and all this”. He went on to tell Jimmy and the audience that Cuba Gooding Jr. thinks he is an influential player in the rap game.

Perhaps the best part is when Brian Williams requests that they do Ludacris next, or as he referred to him, “Luda”. He told Fallon that he would do “Roll Out” and then proceeded to spit a verse from the song.

“Who’s your weed man, why do you smoke so good?”

It is a pretty entertaining five minute clip that is definitely worth a watch. Also, below that, check out the latest “Gin and Juice” video from The Tonight Show crew.



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