Boston Calling! What’s Not To Love About Bean Town?

Boston is one of America’s greatest cities. It’s filled with rich tradition from the Boston Tea Party to the Boston Red Sox, and as of late, the Boston Calling Music Festival. It truly has something for everyone who visits…and even more for those who stay!

Boston Calling Music Festival

Over the last few years, Boston has come a long way on the music scene. Most notably, the Boston Calling Music Festival. The festival started out small as a twice a year, two day festival on the City Hall Plaza in downtown Boston and has grown into a three day behemoth that is situated on the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston, MA.

The lineup speaks volumes to the strides that the festival has made. The first version of Boston Calling in 2013 saw Fun., The National and Of Monsters and Men as their headliners. The 2018 versions includes Eminem, The Killers and Jack White. In fact, many of the headliners found at Boston Calling 2018 can be found in the lineup posters for other giant festivals like Lollapalooza, Bunbury Music Festival and Coachella.

One big thing that Boston Calling has going for them is the timing of their show. Sure, Coachella has the luxury of putting on their show in California where you’d be hardpressed to find a time that wasn’t ideal. But on the east coast, it’s not that easy. If you go too early in the Spring, it can still be cold (i.e. now). If you go too early in the summer, you can expect rain. If you go too late in the fall you will have no idea what to expect. 90 degrees one day, snow the next. However with Boston Calling, they nail their date at the end of May. It’s perfect. It’s the unofficial start of summer and it’s a long weekend for most thanks to Memorial Day! And let me tell you if there is one thing that NO ONE wants to do after a three day music festival, it’s go to work on Monday.

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Harvard University

You’re already at Harvard University if you’re at Boston Calling Music Festival, so why not go check out the campus? I don’t mean crash classes, but rather sign up for a public walking tour of the historic University? The main campus is located in Cambridge, MA which, lucky for you, is just a pedestrian bridge stroll over the Charles River away. If meeting and going on a tour with other people isn’t your thing, because people suck, then you can also opt for the self guided tour. However, we have to question your lack of tolerance for people while you are attending a music festival. Seems like a volatile combination.

You could also walk through some buildings and try to solve impossible equations that may have been left on the board.

The Sporting Trifecta

The Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics. I personally hate each and every one of those teams. Do you know why? Because they are insanely good, all the time. Even when they are bad, they are good. Not only are they entertaining to watch and — I assume — fun to root for and love, The Garden (Bruins, Celtics) and Fenway Park (Red Sox) are both iconic sporting complexes that would be on almost anyone’s bucket list.

Imagine living in Boston during the 2004 season that saw the Patriots hoist the Lombardi Trophy and then later that same year, the Boston Red Sox win their first World Series since 1918! Three years later, the Red Sox did it again and the Bruins took hold of Lord Stanley! Some people never get to see a championship in their life…residents of Boston get to witness multiple championships in the same year!

Visiting vs Moving

If you’re ready for the big city with a home town, urban feel. Look to Boston. Boston real estate is some of the hottest in the country and should be looked at as an investment. Not only financially, but emotionally and physically as well. Boston is America’s breath of fresh air and the environment you can put yourself in can do wonders for your emotional health. Physically, I think there is one of the strongest arguments in the world.

The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest marathon and one of the most well-known. It is always held on the third Monday of April, Patriots Day. This is another plus to living in Boston because most businesses close for Patriots Day too! The Marathon averages 500,000 spectators and over 30,000 participants. It’s truly a day when the whole city comes together and it is truly a holiday in every sense of the word.

Go give Boston a shot!

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