Bill Murray in ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Went Completely Unnoticed

I went and saw Dumb and Dumber To on Friday night and, to be honest, wasn’t completely let down. Before you start calling me names, let me just tell you that I love slap-stick, stupid comedy. Love it. Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Billy Madison, Super Troopers, etc. The dumber, the better. This is probably why I was ok with Dumb and Dumber To.

What I failed to notice while watching this Farrelly brothers sequel, though, was the actor playing Harry’s roommate. While Lloyd was in a mental hospital for 20 years (not a spoiler if you’ve seen the trailer), Harry took on a new roommate to help pay the rent. This roommate, however, is only shown wearing yellow haz-mat type suit, goggles and a gas mask. He is doing his best Walter White impression. He is cooking meth in the apartment.

Obviously neither of the morons know that.

The roommate, who only gets a few seconds of screen time, is none other than film icon Bill Murray. Vulture caught up with director Peter Farrelly and asked about how they tapped Bill Murray to play such a forgettable character.

“Since you never see Icepick, we were thinking, Hey, we should get someone who’s iconic to do it. And who’s more iconic than Bill Murray? And Bill’s a very good friend. Any time you have Bill Murray on the set, everybody on the crew is happy. So, we wanted to bring Bill in just so we could hang around him. Like everyone else in the world, I’m nuts about that guy.”

Just another story to extend the awesome legacy of Bill Murray.


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