Bam Margera opens up about the loss of his best friend Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn lost his life, along with his passenger Zachary Hartwell, in a firey crash last week in Pennsylvania.  For the first time, his best friend Bam Margera sat down and opened up about what he has been going through in the days since Dunn’s passing.  It seems as though Bam might have been self medicating and it is clear is will take him a long time to come to terms with this epic loss.

“It shouldn’t have been him”, Bam says at the close of the interview.  Obviously feeling like so many do when a person is taken from us way before their time.  Bam also reads the final texts messages that he traded with Ryan before his demise.

Eerily, Bam tells us that Ryan was a crazy driver and he actually rolled a car 8 times with him in it back in 1996…at the same exact location.

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