Anchorman 2 teaser trailers released over the weekend

It’s jean-creamin’ time.

The official teaser trailer (both international and USA versions) were shown ahead of Sacha Baren Cohen’s new comedy “The Dictator”.  Sadly, seeing as how the movie was only out for 2 and half hours, I doubt anyone saw it.

Obviously that was joke (hat tip to Harry Doyle), but honestly was anyone shocked by the fact that Cohen’s movie sucked? I didn’t think so.

The first trailer below is the USA teaser.  It leaves out a noticable anecdote from Brian Fantana.  Still though, the USA trailer captures the personalities of these 4 morons we love so much.

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Good stuff.. Now here is the international teaser.  I like them both and can’t wait to see Ron Burgundy back in action.

[youtube id=uksrAqwgbPU ]
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