A Movie Night to Remember

There are few things more fun that getting a few good buddies together for a relaxing movie night, where you can share in your mutual appreciation of all things Hollywood, but if your movie nights typically consist of nothing more than beers and popcorn in front of the latest Netflix release, you’re just not doing movie nights right.

Here are some simple changes you can make to ensure that your next e vent is a movie night to remember:

Set a Theme

Instead of just inviting your friends over to watch any old movie, scour your Cinema box app for inspiration and then choose a specific theme for the evening. This could be something very specific like a Dirty Dancing theme, or it could be something looser like a pirate Night where you all dress up in your finest seafaring outfits and watch everything from The Goonies to Pirates of the Caribbean – it’s really up to you- but one thing’s for sure, it will definitely make the movie night at least a` million times more memorable.

Create a Movie Menu

Once you know what movies you will be watching, why not make the evening so much better by creating your own movie specific menu. For example, if you plan to watch Pulp Fiction, whip up a batch of your own five dollar shakes and Big Kahuna burgers to enjoy instead of plain old popcorn, or if you’re plan is to screen Silence of the Lambs, ensure that Fava beans and a fine Chianti are on the table when your guests arrive. They’ll either love it or be grossed out by it, but it’ll certainly make it a movie night to remember.

Think of a Drinking Game

No matter what movie you’re watching, there has to be some way of turning it into a drinking game. For example, every time the main character says his catchphrase, you should take a drink, or whenever the character you’ve dressed up as appears on screen, you should take shot (this could be quite problematic if you’re dressed as the lead). If you can’t think of an original drinking game, do a quick Google search, and I’m sure you’ll find one either for the movie you plan to watch, or which can be adapted to meet your requirements.

Use a Projector

If you really want to blow your guests away and give them a movie night they won’t forget, you might want to install a projector, which will give you all a more authentic movie theater experience. I don’t know why, but watching a movie that is being projected is always more magical than watching a movie on the TV, and you can buy pocket projectors for under $200 if you don’t want to blow your budget on a more professional setup.

Pillows and Beanbags

Last, but not least, instead of having your guests sit on the floor or cram onto the couch so that it’s really uncomfortable, take the time to throw down some pillow cushions, bean bags and even yoga mats to make the experience a much more comfortable one.



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