5 Ways to Have Fun During a Heat Wave

This year – just like a previous couple of years – will most likely be the hottest on record. Even though “global warming isn’t real”, we see far more days with extreme temperatures – and extreme weather than ever before. The recent heat wave in the UK made school boards reconsider their policies regarding shorts – and that’s something, trust me. This means that we have to be prepared for heat waves than ever before, both with the equipment and the entertainment we need to help us through the most scorching of the days to come.

Stay inside

One of the things many experts recommend you to do during a heat wave is to stay inside, where it’s shade and there’s air conditioning. Even if there is not (like in my first flat, facing East – which means permanent sunshine until noon) there are a few tricks that can keep you cool while indoors, like wet towels and even wetter showers, coupled with a nice cup of herbal tea – avoid caffeine as much as possible.

When you stay at home, you have a host of entertainment options to consider from reading books to playing cards, watering your plants, and trying to hit that darn jackpot at Wild Jack casino. But you’ll likely grow bored of the sight of the walls that surround you and still step outside.

Stay in the shade

Going out to a park – especially if there is a fountain or a lake around – is another great idea to escape the heat. Just make sure you have plenty of water and – eventually – a solar charger or a power bank at hand so you won’t run out of juice while you’re there. Taking a nap in the park (unless it’s frowned upon) or reading a book, playing some Wild Jack Mobile games, playing some chess or checkers if you find a worthy partner, are all great ways to spend a few hours and absorb some refreshing breeze during the hottest hours of the day.

Go splash

Many people like to spend the hottest days near some kind of water they can immerse themselves in – not to test Archimedes’ law but to cool down during the hottest day of the summer. There are myriad ways to have fun when there’s water involved, from games of “catch the water balloon” to a rudimentary form of water polo with no rules but a lot of laughing involved. Just make sure to either relax in the shade when the UV radiation is the most abundant (between 10-11 AM and 3-4 PM) or use some industrial-grade sunscreen to protect you from sunburn.

Go hike

Hiking is a great form of physical exercise and a ton of fun, too, for those who enjoy it (surprising as it may sound, there are people who don’t). Forests are natural air conditioning systems, making them the perfect option to escape the heat. Digital nomads can still do a lot of work while there (most forests within reach for urban dwellers have mobile broadband coverage anyway) and kids (and adults, too) can find a lot of things to have fun in nature.

Change your routine

If you are not caught up in a 9-to-5 treadmill, you can easily change your routine to sleep during the day and do your chores and shopping during the night. This way you can avoid sweating, sunburn, and most other negative aspects of a heat wave, and still get things done – but you risk being accused of being a vampire.

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