4 Things You Must Do Before Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things you can do in your lifetime and while there are loads of things to get sorted over there from finding accommodation, getting a job, sorting out schools, sponsorship for your family or a fiancé visa, getting furniture shipped over, opening a bank account and the list goes on, there are also a lot of things you need to tie up at home before you leave. With so much to do, it’s totally understandable that some of these things will be forgotten, so check out this list and make sure you have it covered before you go. 

Cancel Memberships and Subscriptions

Don’t start off your new life paying for your old one – if you have a phone contract, then cancel it as soon as you know you’re moving away as this will give the company some notice. Cancel your gym membership, any magazine subscriptions, and check your bank account to see what other monthly fees you have going out. Don’t forget about your TV license, Sky package, and the internet, either.

Go To The Doctors

Book all of your health appointments before you leave and make sure you actually go to them. It’s far better to do all of this before you go tan have to find an optician, dentist or doctor when you get there. Depending on where you’re moving to, there should hopefully be decent healthcare where are going and it might even be better than what you’re used to, however, it’s good to know that you’re healthy and then you give yourself time to find a doctor and a dentist once you have moved. 

Get Travel Insurance

Make sure you have got travel insurance at least until you have settled into your job, and you know what company benefits you’re getting. Many companies will give you health insurance as part of the package, but you will need to check this and make sure you’re covered for anything that may happen.                                                                                                                                       

Stock Up On Home Comforts

Many expats will tell you that it’s a good idea to stock up on any cosmetics, toiletries, and shampoo that you can’t get in the country you’re going to. It’s a good idea to check this first, though, as you don’t want to waste space in your case on things you can get in the shop around the corner. Also, don’t forget your favorite food if you can’t get it in the country you’re going to. Make sure you have a good stock so that you don’t run short. Chat to people in expat forums or Facebook groups for the place you’re going to and see what their top tips are for moving. Find out what they miss most and what they would have done differently when moving. You can find out a wealth of information online about this sort of stuff, but the best thing to do is to speak to people who have already been in your situation before, and they can tell you exactly what to expect.

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