22 Jump Street is Happening This Summer and Here is the Red Band Trailer

It’s safe to say that the reboot of 21 Jump Street in 2012 was a success. It was definitely a risk pairing Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, but as it turns out, they are a hilarious duo.

So funny that Sony decided to bring them back for round 2. In 22 Jump Street, because the church at 21 Jump Street got bought back by the Koreans, Jonah and Channing are back undercover.  Except instead of high school, they will be going to college.

Nick Offerman will be back as deadpan Deputy Chief Hardy. Also, there will be appearances by Rob Riggle and Dave Franco, who were a big part of the first installment.

Check out the red band trailer (NSFW-ish) below.



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