Video: Patron captures McDonald's worker beating two women with a metal rod

rayonHow many of you read that as Patron, the tequila? Alcoholics.

Its never ok to hit a woman.  Even when they are swearing at you, punching you, slapping you and coming over the counter at you.  You just don’t do it.

Unless your Rayon McIntosh.

Mr. McIntosh was jailed last Thursday after he allegedly (video kind of speaks for itself) beat two women with a metal rod after the women came over the counter after him.  The women were set off after McIntosh told them he would have to scan their $50 bill to make sure it was authentic.  Classy group we got here.  After slapping McIntosh in the face and him pushing the women away from the counter, things get dicey.  The women cross the counter and McIntosh disappears to the back and re-emerges with a metal rod that he swings like he is trying to go yard.  You can hear the terror in the other customers as they plead for him to stop.

The women, Denis Darbeau and Rachel Edwards, were taken to the hospital.  Darbeau suffered a fractured skull and a broken arm and Edwards received treatment for a deep gash.  McIntosh was arrested and booked on charges of felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon.  The women did not get off as they were charged with menacing, trespass and disorderly conduct.

McIntosh was paroled in March after serving 11 years for shooting a classmate to death in 2000.  McIntosh claimed the gun accidentally discharged when he pulled it out during an argument.

You don’t hit women but ladies, if you are going to go hood on someone make sure you know what your dealing with.

[youtube id=l3VLVjskYTI ]

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