Ohio Amish group under investigation for going 'Sweeney Todd' on their own people

amish-buggyAfter an Amish man gets married, he does not shave his beard.  So the longer the beard, the longer he has been married.  Now, for some Amish groups in Ohio, it may be a little harder to distinguish who is married and who is not.

A group known as the “Burgholz Clan” from Jefferson County in Ohio is being investigated by four different sheriff departments in Ohio for terrorizing their own people.  Sheriffs departments from Holmes, Carroll, Jefferson and Trumbull counties are trying to find the people that are behind the breaking and entering.  However, instead of taking things from the house, they are taking things from the residents.

In Holmes County, it was reported that a group of 27 men broke into a house and cut the hair of the all of the members inside and cut the beards off of all the men.  In this instance, two of the victims were a 13 year old girl and a 74 year old man.  Similar incidences were reported in the other counties within the last 3 weeks.  It is believed that the Burgholz Clan, led by Bishop Sam Mullet, is behind the attacks because they are a group that has been disavowed or shunned by the rest of their community.

Sheriffs are now conducting searches of horse trailers and buggies trying to find evidence of the hair cuts.  According to the Jefferson County sheriff, the hair that was cut was being brought back to Jefferson County as proof that the hit had been carried out.  Even if they can find evidence, the departments are facing an uphill battle because victims have been reluctant to file charges.  In fact, so far there have been no charges filed in any of the incidents.  The Sheriff is claiming that Sam Mullet has instilled enough fear in all the people involved to prevent them from going to the authorities.

Can they impound a horse and buggy?

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