NJ Pile of Shit to Rot in Jail


The Eric Cartman look alike that purposely vomitted on an off duty police officer and his daughter in April will be behind bars.  Matt Clemmens of Cherry Hill, New Jersey was sentenced to 1-3 months in jail, 2 years probation and 50 hours of community service.  He is also to pay Michael Vangelo, the off duty police captain, $315 for the price of the tickets to the Phillies game they attended in April.  The maximum punishment for his charges of assault, harassment and disorderly conduct was 2 years.

I was glad to hear that the judge didn’t hesitate on dropping the hammer, or gavel, on this kid.  There are certain things, like getting in a fight, that probably don’t warrant jail time.  But when you gag yourself in order to vomit on someone, you should definitely rot in a cell.  Have fun Cartman and make sure to hold on to your soap.

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