New Jersey Piece of Shit Admits to Intentionally Vomiting on Spectators


I am sure you remember this story.  The story of drunk 21 year old Matthew Clemens who, with his friends, heckled and harassed Michael Vangelo and his two daughters at a Philadelphia Phillies game in April.  After his friends were ejected from the park, Clemens took matters to the next level by putting his fingers down his throat in an attempt to induce vomiting.  The attempt was a success as he vomited on Michael Vangelo with some of the vomit splashing onto his young daughter.  Clemens then proceeded to punch the father before he was subdued by surrounding fans and security.  Clemens sustained black eye which I can only hope was from someone getting a cheap shot in on this gross individual.


Since Clemens entered a guilty plea they have dropped the reckless endangerment and corruption of minors charges.  He will be back in court July 30th for his sentencing, which according to guidelines calls for Clemens to be put on probation.  Public defender Richard Hark said that Clemens has a clean record and no previous run ins with the law.

“It’s probable he consumed too much alcohol,” Hark said, adding that Clemmens only turned 21 in March. “It’s not a justification for his behavior, just an explanation.”

Here are some suggestions of my own for this scum bags punishment…

  • Take this kid to the clink for a day or two and let the inmates puke on him. 
  • Let the father, who is a police officer, have 10 minutes alone with him in a locked room.
  • Allow the two daughters to kick him in the junk, repeatedly, until they are unable to lift their legs.
  • Have Ryan Howard hit him, just once, with a ball bat.
  • Let Roy Halladay throw him some heat while he stands on the plate a la Happy Gilmore.

Let’s hear what you guys think…


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