Dog The Bounty Hunter Going After War Machine For Christy Mack Attack

Christy Mack shared some graphic photos of her injuries sustained after her psycho boyfriend War Machine, aka Jon Koppenhaver, beat the hell out of her.

Since news broke of the attack on Mack, War Machine has been in hiding. He is wanted by the Las Vegas Police Department for the alleged attack, but one more person is joining in the hunt.

Dog The Bounty Hunter has been retweeting a lot and is obviously both involved and furious with what War Machine did to Mack. Apparently he is also getting into a Twitter beef with someone who may be War Machine’s brother, @ALPHAMALESeeJay, who is saying that the attack is Mack’s fault.

Then Dog’s daughter got into the fight as well..

And then War Machine’s brother went ahead and told Dog where his brother actually is…

The craziness continues…

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