Cleveland Woman Finds Her Husband Cheating…On Facebook


This may be off topic for Thunder Treats but I have to share this.  It is really unbelievable.

I can bet that many relationships have gone through turmoil or even ended at the expense of Facebook.  Someone’s significant other gets snapped in a suggestive pose with a person of the opposite sex and the shit storm starts.  It takes a lot of explanation, even if innocent, and seed of doubt is planted in the relationship.  Most people are smart enough to not get into those situations or have smart enough friends who know better than to post the picture.  Others do not.

The above picture is of John and Lynn France at their wedding in 2005.  A wedding she described as a fairy tale wedding in Italy.  She thought she had her Prince Charming.  John became the step father to her son and together they were blessed with two more baby boys.  After three years of marriage John was going on more and more business trips and Lynn became suspicious and with good reason.  The bonehead told his wife he was going on a business trip to China but had left his passport at home.  I would think anyone with any common sense would have a red flag raised right there.  As if Mr. France could not be stupider, another incident occurred in the same year where he had left the website for a local hotel up on the families computer screen.  Already skeptical of her husband, Lynn went to the hotel to check it out and there she found her husband with another woman who claimed she had plans to marry John.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.  How in the hell can you possible get out of a situation when you are introducing your fiance to your wife?  This is beginning to sound like an episode of Family Guy right?


John France moved out of their house shortly after (shocker) and moved to Florida with the future Mrs. France II, pictured above.  In disbelief and searching for answers, Lynn turned to Facebook for answers.  Let’s be honest, everyone and their mother (literally, it’s awful) have a Facebook account, so it was a smart move.  Lynn came across the adulterer’s page and was shocked to see wedding shower photos and even pictures from their wedding.  Re-read that if you cannot believe the stupidity of some people…I’ll wait.

Just when you think it can’t get any more bizarre, John begs Lynn to take him back.  Since we already know the intellect we are dealing with here, I don’t need to tell you whether or not she allowed him back.  In May of this year, after allowing France back, he left her again and this time took the two young boys.  Now Lynn is left looking at pictures on Facebook of her husband with his other wife raising her kids as her own.

WAIT, There’s another twist!

Lynn went to file for divorce and get custody of the children in Ohio only to find that John had beaten her to the punch in Florida.  September 1st is the scheduled divorce hearing.  But the real snag comes from a clerical error.  Apparently when John and Lynn wed in Italy there was a snafu that they were uninformed of that rendered their fairy tale wedding null and void.  So basically they had two children while under the impression they were married when, legally, they never were.  So after all of this there won’t be a divorce but you can bet there will be a custody and child support battle to ensue.

I personally can’t believe that John could be stupid enough to lie to his wife about going on a trip to China and leave his passport behind.  I also can’t believe that he or the new Mrs. France would be stupid enough to allow photos of their romance to go flying around Facebook.  With that said, I am in no way condoning the acts of John France.  But seriously, how stupid can one human be?

Source: MSNBC

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