Casey Anthony spotted in OH-IO

casey-anthony-7Casey Anthony was ordered to return to Orlando by Wednesday to serve one year of supervised probation but her legal team has filed an emergency motion requesting to “quash, vacate and set aside” the order accusing the judge of “unbridled prejudice” after some choice statements he made on TV after the verdict.

Therefore Casey Anthony, at least for the time being, is free to roam as she pleases and according to she has been doing so in Ohio.  Photos surfaced early this morning of Casey Anthony shopping and bumming around town somewhere in Ohio.  The photos show Anthony in an Ohio State University hat, which I am sure Michigan fans will have a field day with.

Some people will argue that Casey Anthony has every right to do what she pleases, which technically she does.  While others will continue to send death threats and start fights over it.  People need to remember it was a jury of her peers that set her free.  If they are going to be pissed off, they should direct their anger towards the prosecution and jury and not so much towards Casey Anthony.


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