Casey Anthony mask sells on eBay for nearly $1,000,000

caseyanthonymaskPeople who are gunning for Casey Anthony will now have to take a closer look through their scope before pulling the trigger.  In one of the more creepy things I have seen in a while, someone has created a Halloween mask to resemble the likeness of America’s most hated.  The precision on this mask is really incredible but what really got me was the reason for the mask.  Apparently it was used as a prop for a parody video by a pop artist and only nine were made.  Who in the hell is this “pop artist” that would think this would be a good prop for a video?  My only guess could be Weird Al Yankovic because he is the only person that could get away with something this stupid.

Shooting on said video must be over because the owner decided to list the memorabilia on eBay to try to make an extra dime.  The mask was listed on Sunday at the starting price of $25, but by closing time on Wednesday evening the winning bid was $999,900.  There were 105 bids placed with 16 bids being retracted because the user claimed the wrong amount was entered (read: User didn’t think it was real).

I don’t know about you guys but it seems to me that this person had put this thing up online and then had friends bid on it to reach this exorbitant price.  Hell, the seller probably bid on it himself from another account.  I like to think there is some common sense left in this nation and that no one, even Bill Gates, would waste nearly $1 million on something as stupid as this.

Still though, the mask is on point.

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