Brazilian Model Nana Gouvea Turns Wreckage from Hurricane Sandy into Props for Photo Shoot

Nana Gouvea moved to New York City with her husband just after Hurrican Irene ripped through the east coast at the end of Summer last year. This would lead you to believe that she would understand the amount of pain and suffereing the city, and it’s residents, would be going through after the devastation that Hurricane Sandy imposed earlier this week.

Well, apparently that assumption would be completely wrong.

Nana and her husband grabbed their camera and left their home after the storm had passed. This probably wasn’t an uncommon sight since so many news outlets are converging on the area in the wake of disaster. But if people watched as they snapped pics of the debris and carnage they would notice that these two were not documenting the storms aftermath at all, but rather turning it into a photo shoot.

That’s right, these two set out to the streets of New York City, where people have lost their lives, their homes, their memories, and began using the debris as a prop for a photo shoot. Standing on downed trees and crushed cars, Nana gave her best Blue Steel face, but even Mugatu would look away at this.

I can see why she did it, though. She is a 37 year old Brazilian girl who is holding on to the modeling dream. She has dumps like a truck and looks to be a few years too late for a photo shoot*. So if her angle was to get people to notice her, then yes, she met her goal. I’m not so sure she realized the negative light it was going to shine on her and her husband, but I am sure she would do it again if given the chance. Who knows, perhaps she didn’t think she was doing anything to offend anyone but I’m pretty sure that devastation after a storm like this isn’t lost in translation.

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*That could be my bitterness for such a stupid act that is clouding my judgement, but honestly doesn’t this make her completely unattractive.

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