Applebee's serves tequila to a 15-month-old

dominicNext time you head to Applebee’s, order up some apple juice and see what you get. If you are like 15-month-old Dominic, you will be enjoying a nice cold margarita instead of your juice.

Over the weekend at a Detroit Applebee’s this actually happened. Taylor Dill-Reese’s 15-month-ld son Dominic had a blood alcohol level of .10%. They noticed that Dominic was acting strange (read: drunk) but thought he might just be tired.

“He was saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to the walls,” said his mom, “He eventually laid his head down on the table and we thought maybe he was just sleepy.”

After checking his sippy cup they realized the boneheaded mistake by the wait staff.  They rushed Dominic to the hospital and according to reports he is doing fine.  I can’t imagine the language used during what had to be the most uncomfortable conversation a restaurant manager has ever had, but I hope Taylor laid into this manager and the fucking idiot who got a baby a margarita.

There is ZERO excuse for this moron to mess up a margarita and apple juice order.  Why?  Because he was filling a goddamn SIPPY CUP.  At what point does your brain step in and say “um, excuse me, your giving a baby alcohol your stupid dip shit”?  My best guess is that persons part of the brain doesn’t fire on all cylinders. 

People are unbelievable.  Thank God Dominic wasn’t driving.

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