YouTube Redneck Gives Us Options When Carving Pumpkins this Halloween

Some people love to carve pumpkins around Halloween.  Some people find it messy and not worth the time.  And some people find new and inventive ways to avoid the latter.

Redneck Youtuber hickok45 shows us that with the help from a handgun, one can carve up that gourd in no time.  Using his Stock Colt 1911 Series ’80  Model 1991, Hickok carves out a face on the pumpkin that will have a great story to go along with it.  Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home unless you are an experienced, licensed, gun owner.  That or you live in the backwoods and no one bothers you because no one knows there is civilization where you are.

[youtube id = mThUfYcea3I]

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