You’re Awesome! So Why Isn’t Your Relationship Working?

When you’re a pretty decent guy, you take care of yourself, you’re successful, and you’ve got great friends and family, it might come a bit of a surprise to you that your relationship just isn’t working. Because you’re awesome, so why wouldn’t it? Work is going great, your friends and family love you, and you know that you’re in a really good place right now, so why is your relationship the only thing to fall out of line? Well, that’s what we’re going to try and help you work out. And brace yourself, because you may have to own up to some harsh realities if you really want to make things work.

You’re Being Selfish

So, everything is going well for you in life right now right? Well, maybe that’s because you’re focusing on all of these areas and not your relationship? Maybe you’re being selfish by working on your job or your social life, and not really considering your girl’s feelings, needs, or wants? Harsh but true. If you step back for a second and think about the last time you put her above anything else and you struggle to find the answer, it’s time to change your priorities up a little.

You’re Not Approaching It Right

But maybe you do put her first, and you have no idea why she’s just not responding to you in the right ways? Well, maybe your issue is more to do with your approach and not your attitude. For this, you’ll need to get some advice and do your research, with something like the make her love you for life review to help you. Find new ways of approaching your relationship and see what kind of difference it can make.

You’re Not Putting The Time In

So we touched on the idea of being selfish, but maybe you’re very attentive and thoughtful, you’re just not really available. These tips to make it work might be what you need here. Because you really do have to put your mind into it if you want it to work. Give your relationship time and attention and see where it goes from there.

You’re Expecting Too Much

Maybe you’re just expecting too much. Relationships and people aren’t perfect. So don’t overreact when things go wrong every now and again. At the same time, don’t put all of the pressure on her or expect too much from her without giving something back in return.

You’re Not In The Right Relationship

And finally, it may just be something as simple as you’re just not in the right relationship. While there are always going to be things that you can do to make things work, if your personalities conflict too much or you want different things, it just won’t work out. Sometimes, this can suck – but it’s life. You’ll probably find that there’s another woman out there that’s perfect for you, you just haven’t found her yet. And the best part, you can use the above four points to make sure that you keep her when you do!

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