Young rapper Lil P Nut has more game than you

How you doin’, my name is Lil P Nut

Would you like some ‘tater chips, bubble gum or a freeze cup
I like yo smile, and the way you hopscotch
You can be my top-notch, when we at the sock hop

Jay-Z and Kanye better watch the throne because Lil P Nut is coming in hot in their rear view.  The 9 year old proves to have more game than myself.  Better ice too.

Please watch at least until the 2:22 mark.  Lil P Nut has rap moves like Fabolous.  Also, if you watch the whole thing you will see that he has groupies, complete with clothing that is emblazoned with “Lil P Nut”.

I love the internet.

[youtube id=j2dXAXNnUvM ]
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h/t The Hot Glove

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