You can't have an Osama's Dead party without the cake

osama-bin-laden-cake-1My sister has two kids. After having said kids, she became crafty. Crafty like she can sell her shit at craft shows. I don’t know if it was becoming a mom, but it’s the only conclusion I have come to. Included in her new craft skills is a knack for making some bitchin’ cakes. She posts pictures of them on her Facebook page, Kara’s Creative Confections, and she has really out done herself this time.

One of her friends had called her to see if she could make an Osama bin Laden cake for an “Osama’s Dead” party.  Apparently her friends not only have a sweet tooth, but love any excuse to party.  On short notice she said she would do it and a mere four hours later, she was finished.  She has really outdone herself this time.

For those of you who think it’s distastful, watch this video and then kiss my ass.

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