Woman in Coffee Shop with Telekinesis Goes Crazy, Freaks Everyone Out

In this day and age, we have seen a lot of attempts to try to promote something using a viral video or a viral ad campaign.  Sometimes it is effective, but most times it is just a waste of everyone’s time.  This video, however, is more the former than the latter.  Even though it is a viral ad for the new re-make of Carrie, it was still put together with the same integrity that would have been used for someone doing it for fun.  Meaning the people who were shocked were not actors, it was their actual reaction to what was happening in front of them.  Brilliant if you ask me.

In the video, a young woman becomes enraged when a man bumps into her and spills her coffee all over her lap top.  In turn, she gets up and uses her telekinesis to stick the guy to the wall.  She then moves the tables and chairs away from her using her “powers” while the pictures and books fall to the ground.



I don’t know what the hell I would do if I saw this at a coffee shop.  Honestly…no idea.

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