What’s It Like to Live Near Water?

Easy access to beaches, swimming, boats and bird-watching are some of the big advantages to living near water, but what’s it actually like? Many people dream of living on the coast, and some currently do but don’t make the most of their fantastic location. If you’re thinking of moving closer to water or if you’re curious what it’s like to live in those ideal conditions, then here are some of the things that you can do when you live near a body of water.

Own a Boat (Or a Ship)

When you live near water, you’ll want a boat or a ship to travel across it and adventure. Owning a boat can be a lot of work and it’s going to require maintenance, but if you read the right resources and learn about it much like you learned about your vehicle, then it’s easy. Take a look at equipment such as a Minn Kota power center, consider the power of the motor and make sure you have a waterproof tarp to cover your boat so that it doesn’t get damaged by debris or wet from the rain.

Lots of Birds

Whether it’s ducks, geese or other birds that fly overhead, except the best and worst of seeing more. It’s great for bird-watching and some people absolutely love the sound of birds chirping in the morning, but keep in mind that birds are notorious for pooping anywhere they see fit. Their droppings can be difficult to remove from your property, so make sure to keep your cars in a garage and your boats covered. Don’t be surprised when you find bird droppings splattered against your windows or on your roof, and get used to cleaning up after them. There are ways to discourage them from coming near (such as not feeding them) but you’ll ultimately have to deal with this on a per-location basis.

Tourist Attractions

Tourists are naturally attracted to bodies of water. Whether they’re on a last minute vacation or if they just want to explore and hike, you’re going to see a lot of people around especially when it’s warm and sunny. Expect plenty of noise especially if you live near a beach and expect to be kept up at night when they’re busy partying and blasting loud music. Some people would hate this, but others would welcome the busy party atmosphere and even participate in the summer activities.

Insurance Concerns

Depending on the area you live, you should brace for increased insurance costs. You’re going to need flood insurance which is something that many people don’t actually consider, and you may even need to concern yourself with heavy storms as well. If you want more than basic insurance, then you’re going to need to shell out the money for it in order to protect your home. You’ll have to cover both your home and your personal belongings. There are ways to lower these insurance costs and countermeasures that can be put in place for light flooding, but insurance is always the safest bet.

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